Brooks Fetters for Mayor — Sunday’s Herald Press

Thanks to the Herald Press for informing Huntington voters on the various candidates up for election this coming Tuesday, November 8th.  Here are my responses to questions posed by the Herald Press:

Question One:  Please provide a brief biography of yourself: 

For the past 13 years I have served Huntington as the general manager of Myers Funeral Homes.  I am a 1977 graduate of Huntington North High School.  In 1981, I received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and in 1987 earned my Master’s degree both from Huntington University.   For nearly 31 years I have been married to Barbara (Deemer) and together we have three daughters, Lauren Davis, Melissa Wolfe and Jillian; and one granddaughter, Nora Mae Davis. I am an avid bicyclist, riding over 3,000 miles a year.  My hobbies include restoring older homes, Ford Mustangs and vintage bicycles.  I am a member of the Huntington Rotary Club, College Park Church, and serve as the 2nd District City Councilman.

Question Two:  What do you feel is the most important issue facing the office for which you are running?

There is no single issue.  I believe there are four interdependent fundamental issues facing the City of Huntington as we move forward into the future.  Beginning January 1, 2012, the Fetters Administration will focus our collective and collaborative efforts on 1) attracting and expanding jobs that can support a family; 2) delivering necessary and desired city services to Huntington citizens with efficiency and excellence; 3) enhancing the quality of life for all neighborhoods; and 4) driving down our tax rate.

I look forward to the opportunity to move Huntington forward.  Sensing a call to a greater level of community service, I can think of no greater honor than to serve my friends and neighbors as the next mayor of the City of Huntington.

Question Three:  What are your qualifications for this position and why do you feel you are the best candidate for this position?  

My entire adult life has been invested in the work of serving others and doing my part to improve organizations and communities where I live and work.  While in college, I had the chance to work in the Huntington City Engineer’s office for the Smith and Robbins administrations.  There I got to see, first-hand, how service-oriented people can make a difference for good in a community.  I have been fortunate to receive a great education, and have been able to give direction and leadership to both not-for-profit organizations and for-profit businesses.  I know how to deal with the challenges of making a budget work, how to keep customers satisfied, how to lead a staff, and how to find creative solutions as problems arise.

Question Four:  What are your goals in office if you are elected to the position?  

We need more industrial park space.  I will work strategically with Huntington County Economic Development to secure industrial developments sites to receive companies ready to bring quality jobs to Huntington.

We need to continue to revitalize our downtown core.  The efforts of the Huntington Main Street team is creating a dynamic combination of retail businesses, professional service offices and residential housing, which I believe is our best opportunity to bring life and excitement back to our downtown.

We need to enhance the quality of life in all our neighborhoods.  I plan to work with City Councilmen, neighborhood residents, various city departments and the Department of Community Development to improve the beauty and safety of all our neighborhoods.


I am asking for your support on November 8th to be the next mayor of our great city.  As the next mayor of Huntington, I will work hard every day to help make Huntington the very best it can be.  See you at the polls on  Tuesday.

Let’s Move Huntington Forward!


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