Clean Rivers are Good for Everyone.

Clean Rivers are Good for EveryoneThe federal Clean Water Act of the early 1970’s made it the responsibility of every community in the country to stop putting untreated sewage into our nation’s rivers.

Huntington, like most cities had not made much progress by 2007, when EPA/IDEM came calling. In early 2008 Huntington was placed under an Agreed Order and threatened with stiff, punitive fines if targets were not met.

In January of 2012, when I became mayor of the City of Huntington, the city was in non-compliance with the Agreed Order. Our 2010 project (treatment plant improvement) was not complete; our 2012 project (Frederick Street Interceptor) had not been designed; and the 2014 project wasn’t even being discussed. In addition, the city had not made any progress on enforcing our mandated pre-treatment ordinance. In total these projects were estimated to cost ratepayers $45 million.

The administration and the Council got to work and by the end of March 2015 the city has come into full compliance with the expectations of the EPA and IDEM; releasing us from the Agreed Order. In addition, through the efforts led by Art Ehinger, Anthony Goodnight and others the project costs came in at $29 million. While rates still went up; it could have been a whole lot worse.

Huntington cares about our environment and our future. We embrace good stewardship of our natural resources and being compliant with the Clean Water Act is the right thing to do!

Clean rivers are good for everyone.

For the love of Huntington!


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