Let’s Move Huntington Forward

It has been a great week of mayoral forums, radio interviews, placing signs and door to door visits with Huntington citizens.  The main themes on the minds of Huntington people are:  1)  Jobs — we need to keep working hard to attract and retain good jobs that support families; 2)  Leadership — we need a mayor who understands how to lead by influence and example; 3) Lower Costs  — we need to continually seek out the most efficient and effective ways to deliver essential services at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers; 4) Huntington is a great place to be — we have a lot of good things going for us, including a quality work ethic, great neighborhoods, neighborhood parks and places of historical interest.

I am encouraged by the conversations I am hearing about how individual citizens want to go to work moving Huntington forward into a brighter future.

Let’s Move Huntington Forward!


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