Priority #1 — Driving Economic Growth to Huntington

Cindy Klepper of the Huntington County TAB is running a series of questions of mayoral candidates through April 25th.  Here is my response to Question #3, published in the TAB on April 11th.

What can the city do to encourage economic development?  Is the current infrastructure adequate to support new businesses and industries?


The attraction and retention of good jobs must be a top priority of the new mayor.  I applaud the team leadership of Mark Wickersham, of Huntington County Economic Development who has produced over 1,000 jobs in the past 30 months and brought to our area more than $100 million of capital investment in facilities and equipment (Helena Chemical, Onward Manufacturing, Continental Structural Plastics, Perfection Wheel, Future Manufacturing, the Bendix expansion, just to name a few.) 

The City needs to continue to use CEDIT dollars to provide adequate capacity of sewers; ample supplies of water; and the quality of life that is attractive to companies thinking about Huntington as a base of operations.  Huntington needs to join in the efforts of the brand new Indiana HomeTown Competitiveness Initiative – an effective tool to help us develop a more comprehensive and collaborate approach to economic development.  As mayor, I will do everything I can to make our existing companies feel appreciated and new companies feel welcome to Huntington.

Our future depends on good jobs coming to Huntington.  Our next step is to add new industrial park sites with ready access to sewer, water and streets.  In addition, the City and the County need to work together to find ways to lower our tax rate so that we become even more attractive to businesses wanting to expand their operations or relocate here to Huntington.  As the next mayor of Huntington it is my personal commitment to be the kind of leader that attracts good jobs to our city.

Let’s Move Huntington Forward!

Brooks Fetters

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