Two sides of the Mayoral Coin

As the Brooks Fetters for Mayor campaign ramps up — many you have asked me:  “What are the most important things a mayor must do to make sure Huntington moves forward?” 

A good analogy is seen in the two unique sides of a genuine coin. 

Heads — Huntington’s next mayor must lead the way in promoting economic growth and development. 

Tails — Huntington’s next mayor must lead an efficient operation of city services.

No problem is ever solved forever — only for now.   Economic and technology changes provide new challenges and opportunities for the job market.  Those same changes impose new challenges and opportunities for workplace efficiency. With the uncertain revenue streams that come to the City of Huntington, our next mayor needs to be a person who brings the training and experience of leading a business to the office all day, every day.

“There is. . . no reason why the affairs of our city should not be managed with the same care and the same economy as private interests.”   I agree!  These words are as true today as they were when they were spoken by then Mayor of Buffalo Grover Cleveland in 1881.   Somethings never change — ask any person who runs a business; ask anyone who manages a household budget — careful management of your expenses makes all the difference. 

There it is — two sides of the real coin of mayoral leadership — Economic Development/Efficient Operations.

Let’s move Huntington forward!


PS — the Brooks Fetters for Mayor Campaign is “official” tomorrow — signing on the dotted line at the County Clerk’s office in the morning!

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