Neighborhood Development

An excerpt from Mayor Brooks Fetters’ re-election campaign announcement on November 21, 2014.

The neighborhoods around the City of Huntington are the places we all love and call home.

We enjoy a wide array of architectural treasures around our historic city. It does my heart good to see more and more young families moving into houses all around our city and investing themselves in making those houses their homes.

Making Huntington the best it can be begins with each of us individually, then moves to our neighborhoods and ultimately to our entire city. This administration believes that each person has a responsibility to do their part and when help is needed it is given.

City ordinances regarding blight and eyesores have been enforced. No responsible homeowner living in the city of Huntington should have to suffer economically or emotionally because of another property owner’s lack of responsibility.

Long standing eyesores, like the HK Porter facility on Sabine Street, the Lehman Building on North Jefferson Street and the UB/Odd Fellows Block on Franklin Street are now under the control of the city and positive redevelopment is in their immediate futures.

More and more residents are investing in their homes once again – mainly because of more and better jobs, but in part because of the fact that nasty houses in their neighborhoods have been rehabilitated or demolished.

Gateways and major traffic corridors into and around the city have been cleaned up, improved, given proper signage, planted with trees and grass – in short, if the City owns it, it needs to look like someone cares.

Thousands of volunteer hours have been invested by citizens who want to do their part to make the city they love the best it can be.

Parks are being improved, rivers are getting cleaned up and used, multi-use trails are being built for walking, running, biking and hiking.

Downtown is an exciting place to shop and visit.

Streets are being paved and sidewalks are being improved.

Huntington is moving forward to a bright future. The citizens of Huntington love to enjoy life!


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