Operational Efficiency

An excerpt from Mayor Brooks Fetter’s re-election campaign announcement on November 21, 2014.

Lower overhead means lower city taxes. We have reduced costs while maintaining high-quality service. As a result, our city tax rates have dropped from $2.32 in 2012, to $2.31 in 2013, to $2.24 in 2014.

  • The City of Huntington workforce has been reduced by nearly 17% from 156 employees in January 2012 to 130 employees in November 2014. When it comes to staffing, it is not that we don’t replace anybody, we just don’t replace everybody.
  • Department heads have been reduced from 11 to 7. Our city fleet of vehicles and equipment, which numbered 143 units in 2012, now stands at 120; a reduction of 16.4%.
  • Full implementation of the automated trash pickup has reduced that essential task from 300 to 98 man hours per week.
  • New automated pieces of machinery, such as the Grappler truck for pickup large items and the Extreme Vac for leaf collection are but a few of the improvements made in the past few years.
  • Every city department is involved in continuous improvement processes, looking for ways to do the important work of serving Huntington citizens in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • Our utility departments now function from budgets (not simply cash on hand) to keep rates responsible to the corporate and individual citizens we are privileged to serve.
  • We are in full compliance with the 2008 Agreed Order and Consent Decree, mandating that the City of Huntington comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. When coming into office in January 2012, the Waste Water Treatment Plant project to have been completed in 2010 had not even started and the design submitted to IDEM in late 2011 was not meeting approval by IDEM and EPA. The Frederick Street Interceptor project to have been completed in 2012, had not been designed. Finally, the Rabbit Run Storm Retention project to be completed in 2014 was not being discussed. All of these projects will be completed by the end of 2014.

The citizens of Huntington love to spend money wisely!

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